Seriously, vote against us all you want. Congratulations on winning.

I’m pretty pissed that you apparently got the whole OUAT fandom to help you vote against us when we had the Glee fandom against us as well but whatever go ahead.

But do NOT hate on a ship just because it isn’t canon.

That’s CRAZY.

I may point out that on OUAT, there is not a single queer character, let alone a queer pairing. There is ONE f/f couple on Glee, and while I do ship Brittana, Faberry has always meant more to me.

If you haven’t noticed by now, non-canon ships tend to be some of the loudest in the fandom. If you’re in the OUAT fandom and you’re not living under a rock, you’ll know about the Swan Queen and Red Beauty shippers, who are vocal and clever and do a lot of meta and analysis of the show.

Just because we’re looking further into the characters and reading more into the show doesn’t mean we’re any less valid than you.

Just because our ship hasn’t kissed doesn’t mean we’re not a powerful fandom. It doesn’t mean you should have been ashamed should you have lost to us.

Faberry is so meaningful to us, we really think it’s there and real, and we devote a large part of our lives to the ship.

So please think before you demean all non-canon ships.


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